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While PPC can give you the immediate gratification of being in search results, there’re still numerous steps to make sure your PPC campaign eventually delivers a return on the investment which meets your business goals.

The PPC Process at Innovative Web Research goes a little like this-

Account Set-Up- We will set-up your account & analytics tracking in Google or additional paid platforms. It is essential getting set-up properly from the get-go…if you need to avoid reporting the disasters down the road believe us, you want avoiding to report disasters down the road.

Keyword Research- We will research the phrases and keywords on which you must bid, conduct competitor research, & get a complete understanding of PPC landscape in the industry. We will also talk you to see which keywords you think are the most important.

Establish a Budget- You select how much you need to spend every month, then we will handle PPC bid management procedure. Your bid, unite with your total quality score, determine the placement of your ads on the page. The more well-known and ‘in demand’ your keywords are, the more you are likely spending for every click.

Get Creative– We will create ads which are specific & highly targeted and encouraging the visitors to click them through to your website. We do the process through persuasive calls to targeted special offers, action promotions, & more.

Landing Pages- A great ad requires taking visitors to huge landing page. We will create the optimized landing page content  which leads the users toward your decisive goal – conversions.

Test and Refine- We will closely monitor the PPC campaign seeing what works & what doesn’t, then improve the procedure by keeping the ads having the best results.

PPC Packages

Every business is exceptional with diverse marketing objectives so Innovative Web Research offers a variety of management options suiting campaigns of all sizes & channels, that Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. At Digital Web Research, the consultant experts will evaluate your requirements to recommend the precise solution for your businesses. We charge a little per month for our PPC management services & will suggest a monthly promotion spend that you’re comfortable with, directly paid to the publisher. 

Our PPC packages are custom-made to meet the wavering needs of large corporations and small businesses. With different PPC plans & PPC pricing starting, we provide you the flexibility of choosing the best fit to your budget as well as website, when you are looking for the PPC packages India. What is more, we’re a Certified Google AdWords Partner & have a long history of successful PPC results. With many years of experience in the PPC campaign management, the PPC experts at Innovative Web Research ensure at the least charge per click for you.

Furthermore to Google AdWords, the PPC consultants of our company also have the experience in managing the PPC campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft AdCenter & several other platforms. With such advantages, we’re the best option if you want to get effective PPC packages in India.

If you are not sure what PPC package to choose, please email us at info@innovativewebresearch.com or request a quote. We will do a free PPC Audit & suggest the PPC package plan which is best suited for you.

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